Colpo Wexler

aka Dario Buratti VR Architect


Ever since the beginnings of virtual worlds, the set designers and architects found in 
the Metaverse spaces where  they can also see the most daring projects: projects that 
could never see the light in the real world. 
Dario Buratti, known in virtual worlds as Colpo Wexler, is perhaps the most visionary 
among international architects  who build entire territories and architectures in virtual worlds. 
Milanese, graduated in Brera in Scenography, his dream of setting up virtual scenery began 
just during his studies at  the Academy. With the impending fashion of "Twilight Zone: 
The Movie", in the 80s, Dario began to imagine sets  for virtual reality, and as soon as Active 
Worlds appeared, the first 3D virtual world in 1998, the visionary set designer got into it. 
There was a governor who assigned lands, an editor to build and although it was an archaic 
instrument, he was fascinated.  There was the idea. 

2006 - 2016

When Second Life arrived, Dario Buratti was one of the first Italians to access it. To understand how interaction could work, he created Itland: a region dedicated to events and Social networking in virtual reality, which soon reached the apex of fame within the Italian community so much that it became an official Linden Lab's Orientation Island, where the new members of Second Life were channeled to learn the use of the system. 

The leap forward as a creator took place in 2010 when he was commissioned the virtual realization of a part of the city of San Francisco for which he built the Museum of Modern Art SOMA. It was during this period that he took over the architecture lab and the showroom where his buildings were sold. 
[Freely drawn from the article "Colpo Wexler. Architetto visionario di luoghi virtuali - il Giornale OFF"]    

Digital CULT Showroom: Custom Buildings Gallery: (photo gallery of last works)

In the same period, he began to realize custom projects specializing in the realization of virtual regions and realizing more than 200 of them. 
Over time, Colpo Wexler turning to the forms of contemporary architecture and redefining it to the needs of aesthetics and virtual design, has been able to create that hybrid and unique style that characterizes his creations. 

The same style that has taken on the favor of the international community perhaps because of the aesthetic taste typical of the Italian design so much loved abroad. He has been working for private clients from all over the world: USA, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Japan, Russia, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, Turkey. 

2016 - 2019
In 2016, he was admitted with a private access to the Sansar Creators Release,  the  new virtual world of Linden Lab. 
After a short trial period, he created the first version  of the first virtual "events hub", consisting of a scene of more than 20,000 sqm.  accessible  with the latest generation VR Headsets and fully dedicated to organizing VR full  events.  

In early 2017 he created, together with other collaborators, the brand VR CULT  and organized the first Full VR event in Sansar, an official art exhibition of the artist  Francesco Musante and the photographer Matteo Guariso.  

In July 2017, in the days  following the public release of the Sansar  beta creators release, he was awarded a  Honorable Mention as one of the best  scenes in the system:  
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